Monday, July 12, 2010

Solving tears and avoiding them.

Hi all.
My S2000 soft top got vandalized some time ago. Evidently I solved the problem using that old grandma's technique: some line and a needle.
But another problem happened. The spot where the fabric was teared was near a chronically tearing location. My patch increased the fabric tension and so another tear came up later.
SO I patched IT properly this time.

1st - Get some IRON-ON-FABRIC-with-rubber, get you grandma's ironing tool and an electronics soldering iron (the lower wattage the best).
2nd - Cut the patch on the outside and iron-it down.
3rd - Go to the interior side and using the soldering iron, fuse the other patch on the inside.
4rth - Go back to the outside and patch a reinforcement one over the already fused patch

Recommendation: to avoid stress on both the motors and the fabric, I recommend wrapping the lower with bar in plastic fiber computer cable guides, like I've done here: