Thursday, August 12, 2010

Improving tear resistance and water impermeability

As Promised in my other Post about how to solve tears and avoid new ones, this one is to improve water impermeability and also increase overall resistance of the soft-top.
So how?
Go to a civil-construction material warehouse near by and buy these products:

  • Liquid Silicone Insulator for roofs with 400% elastic property (16-to-18€)
  • SuperGel (3€)
  • A brush+tape+roll pain kit (3 to 4€) 

Paying particular attention to this... it's the silicone and NOT THE LIQUID RUBBER. Ohhhh and in BLACK.
Then use the roll and pour the silicone till it looks good.
Do it : a layer a day until it is satisfactory.

And this is the end result:
That's it... This is my original Honda Soft Top... on a car built in 06/2004... and I live in Portugal with hot dry summers, and cold wet winters... oh and some STUPID ass burgers that think they can open the car by cutting the soft-top and passing steel wires to try and unlock the door.

Taken care of, the soft-top does go a long way.