Thursday, September 30, 2010

Repairing the S2000 after a aquaplaning crash

Over an year ago, in one of the worse nights I've seen to date, under heavy rain and with my tires quite used, I aquaplanned.
How did that happen? The infamous IC19 in Portugal has a bad design, worse pavement and even worse drainage. So, starting a downhill, left turn with opposite relevé, the car hit a bump and landed in what is best described as a 10mts wide river crossing the pavement. Evidently, it immediately started a drift into the concrete, hitting the concrete with it's front right headlamp. Bad things can always go worse, so the airbag sensor is located exactly under the right front headlamp, so they deployed, shutting down the engine and locking the rear wheels, leading to a spin motion witch then culminated with the rear right end of the car in the concrete wall.
The entire accident happened in low speeds as it was raining heavily...causing little damage to the body panels and no damage at all to the chassis.
These videos where taken during the car's repair at AUTOCAMBOTA.
Why did I repair the car at a Renault dealer? Simple:
1- this car is hand built in japan by a group of craftsman with over 10year of fine craftsmanship at honda.
2- if I was to repair it at Honda in Portugal however, it would be repaired by the lowest cost in the business (and ultimately lowest quality in the business). The same guys that do the oil change in the Honda Jazz!
3- I have good friends at AutoCambota, and that means assurance that a qualified craftshman will repair my car... and so it happened, with video proof.

The Foto-report from post crash to full repair


That's it! ;)