Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friction improvements time.

I've recently improved a couple of things in my S2000.
I've installed a set of EBC Red Stuff Brake Pads in the front and a set of EBC green Stuff at the back and to make the huge braking performance increase justifiable, I've decided to re-paint my 5Zigen Proracer GN+ rims with a BMW 400 reference Gun-Metal Paint and fit a set of grips-as-nothing-else-around Toyo R888 Tires.
Here are some pictures:

I now have a new hobby called - "Overtaking on the OutSide".... it's very cool. While everyone else is on their brakes trying to stay on the inside lane of a hard bend, I just flyby on the outside with massive grip and control flooring it like a bat out of hell.
Since I'm now so fast in the bends, I normally find a lot of slower moving vehicles when exiting bends but since the brake bite a grip is so huge I immediately slow down to speed without a fuss.

It's a brilliant Setup and I RECOMMEND it over just about anything I've tested so far. I mean I've been on High performance tires before, but race tires are just a different level of grip. The same goes to EBC.. I've been on Red-Stuff before, but RedStuff on 300mm discs are very different from what I've tested before.